Drag Lines & Electric Rope Shovels

CNC is a specialist when it comes to pin and bushing sets and undercarriage replacements for electric rope shovels. We ensure every part leaves our facility with the highest production standards in a timely fashion, making us a trusted and sought after supplier. In contrast to high-price OEM replacement parts, you can be assured you a receiving a product that is affordable and respected by mining operations across the world.

P & H


CNC supplies pins, bushings, shafts, and rollers for P & H shovels and draglines and have long been outlasting OEM and aftermarket alternatives in every application. CNC has an extensive drawing database of P & H parts for the machines listed below.

  • Shovels: 4100, 2800, 2300, 2100, and 1900

  • Draglines: 9020, 9160

CNC Industries produces door/bail/equalizer pins, overlay pins, bushings, offset bushings, shafts and rollers for P+H shovels and draglines maintaining exceptional wear life for all your demanding applications.

CNC will exceed customer expectations on P+H needs for pins and bushings with up to 300% more wear life than the competitor’s offerings. With thousands of hours on CNC pins and bushings look no further than CNC Industries.



CNC’s Titan Pins and Forged Manganese Bushings have long been making their mark on the Caterpillar/Bucyrus Shovels, proving to outlast any previous OEM or aftermarket alternatives in every application. Many have tried but none have succeeded in outlasting CNC’s benchmarks for wear life of padlock pins and bushings when used together in the field.

CNC Caterpillar/ Bucyrus parts are used in most major mines across the world.

  • Shovel: 495, 395, 295

  • Draglines: 2570, 7820, 8050, 8200, 8750, W2000

  • Drills: 49R, 61R

CNC manufactures pins, overlay pins, bushings, offset bushings, shafts, and rollers for Caterpillar/Bucyrus shovels, draglines and drills. CNC rollers for the Bucyrus undercarriages are manufactured out of forged steel, and induction hardened to surpass wear expectations.