Undercarriage Components

CNC Industries undercarriage components are dragline parts, pins, bushings and general undercarriage components for mining equipment that are quality reverse engineered parts.

By reverse engineering OEM products and working with our customers in the field we are able to design a product which is superior in quality to the OEM’s. CNC offers competitive pricing to reduce both maintenance costs and downtime. Although improvements to design and metallurgical properties are made to increase the wear characteristics of our product, all replacement parts we provide are interchangeable with the OEM design to ensure the CNC fit, function, and performance.



CNC rollers offer performance and durability that will surpass OEM specifications. CNC rollers are made of forged steel and combined with our expertise in metallurgy you won’t find a more consistent product. Cast rollers are available as an economical option to forged products as well. To provide optimal performance the surface of the roller is induction hardened to give it a hard wearing surface, while the core remains tough but ductile. Hard-faced CNC-Titan rollers are available for specialized demands.