CNC Pins

At CNC we provide our customers with quality pins that surpass all expectations. When tested in the field, our pins always perform. To meet the diverse needs of our customers we offer three product classes for pins which are recommended for different load applications. Regardless of what pin you require, know that CNC can provide the right solution that will fit your needs. CNC also has the capability to modify any type of pin to the customer’s preference whether it is puller holes, or two collar/keeper packages.

CNC Pins


Continuing our efforts to provide customers with products that ensure they receive the best solution and the best overall value, we proudly offer our CNC Pin. For smaller load applications and suitable for many earthmoving machines CNC recommends this product class. CNC pins cover use on heavy –duty equipment such as dozers, excavators, graders, loaders, skids, trucks, and other machines besides shovels. The hardness of a CNC Pin before heat treatment will be in between 28-32RC. Once the CNC Pin has been through our induction hardening and stress relieving process you can expect this product to be 55-60RC.

Pin Plus


CNC’s Pin Plus is an engineered premium product that offers unsurpassed quality. The CNC Pin Plus yields higher tensile strength providing even greater wear life. This product class will provide the highest alloy content of any pin on the market. The CNC Pin Plus should be used on all shovels with higher wear loads and before heat treatment will fall in between 35-38RC. Once the Pin Plus has been through our induction hardening and stress relieving process you can expect this product to be 55-60RC.

Titan Pin


CNC pioneered hard surfaced pins in 1994 and through many years of research developed our proprietary CNC-007 hard-surfacing compound. Our formula combined with a superior knowledge of metallurgy came together to form CNC’s Titan Pin which has become the industry standard for longevity and durability in the field. Our compound behaves much more reliably than other chrome-carbide formulas which are prone to cracking and typically are applied in lower thickness levels. Our application of overlay is 1/2’’ per side of the pin versus the 1/4’’ per side you will find on the competition.

Our case depths on premium materials surpass the competition which in turn helps our customers avoid catastrophic failures with greater reliability and comfort. Our choice of premium material for this application allows the pin to flex and move along with the bucket as it works through its natural movements helping achieve the long life you expect. The CNC Titan Pin should be used on the absolute highest wear and load locations of the bucket.