CNC Industries has been supplying premium bushings to mining operations all over the world for 30 years. With the quality and precision unmatched by competitors in our signature forged manganese bushings, you can also find our alloy and bronze bushings with the same toughness and engineered characteristics you would expect. With exceptional fit and durability on CNC bushings look no further to achieve unprecedented hours on your machine.



CNC alloy bushings are manufactured using an upgraded alloy when compared to OEM alloy bushings. The high nickel content of CNC alloy bushings increases wear properties while maintaining excellent metal lubricity. CNC bushings are specifically designed to prevent galling and decrease wear.



CNC’s bronze bushings exhibit wear properties of up to four times greater than OEM bushings due to the use of improved materials. This superior level of quality is necessary for the bronze bushings to match CNC pins and shafts, in both performance and part longevity. Increased lubricity is also present with bronze bushings to ensure that you attain a solution specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you desire a straight bushing, or a flanged bushing with grease modifications, the tools available in CNC’s arsenal will ensure you get what you require.

Forged Manganese


Although it has been claimed that centrifugally cast bushings outlast forged bushings, the field has spoken for itself and many users who have tried these bushings have found that no other combination will outlast CNC’s. Our original forged steel bushings have already proven to outlast any cast, centrifugally cast, or combination of either which have been hardened by other processes in field tests.

In addition to our CNC Titan Pin, CNC created a new line of Titan Forged Manganese Bushings which are work hardened in the bores as high as 50 HRC prior to any actual work hardening in the field.

Benchmarks for wear claimed by competitors and head to head testing put CNC at the forefront of our industry; again and again customers return to CNC shortly after trying the competition.