With a specialization in the mining and earthmoving industries, CNC is able to precisely and accurately service our clients and their various wear part needs. These are complex, ever-growing industries and CNC has vowed to stay on top of the unique needs and demands of these industries in order to provide our customers with the tools they need to be successful. We manufacture thousands of parts on a continual basis and strive to add innovation and superior quality products to this growing offering. We have some of the world’s most technically advanced equipment to guarantee your needs are always met. At CNC we know that you require the best and that’s what we are constantly aiming to provide.

CNC provides premium mining and earthmoving components to operations all over the world. Our customers challenged CNC to produce pins, bushings and undercarriage components that would outlast those of the OEM’s as well as offer economical alternatives wherever possible. Working closely with our customers, CNC used the latest material and heat treatment technologies to surpass all performance expectations and build a steadfast reputation grounded in quality, performance and innovation throughout the mining and earthmoving community.