CNC Industries supplies various industries in the Oil and Gas sector with high quality components. Our facilities can take on any scope of project from small to large with volume manufacturing part of our regular schedule. Our turning and milling capabilities, combined with our wide array of state-of-the-art Mazak equipment deliver consistently accurate and efficient final products. Our production facilities also feature various lathes with live tooling, as well as complete 4 and 5 axis machining capabilities.



CNC produces a wide variety of component parts for downhole tools. Specialized services for these are readily available through CNC. As a leading manufacturer for downhole tools, CNC has established a reputation built on quality. This platform allows us to handle a vast scope of components for the industry. CNC manufactured components are found all over the world within products of many global OEM’s product lines. We produce precision turnkey manufactured components for drilling motors, fishing/jarring tools, rotary steerable drilling equipment, downhole instrumentation and specialized equipment, as well as completion and well fracturing tools. CNC works with many regular and non-magnetic materials and has highly developed internal and cooperative secondary process capabilities to meet any specification.

Refinery / Extraction

CNC Industries started as a custom manufacturer to the refineries of Alberta before all else. Many intricate wear components exist in these plants and have been improved upon in many ways with CNC while working with individual plants and OEM’s. Oil Extraction and centrifugal separation equipment have driven CNC into many different facets of this industry building various specialized products for plants looking to extend the life of these critical assets.


CNC Industries Ltd is capable of designing and manufacturing various sizes and product for use in drilling and production equipment. CNC produces wellhead and christmas tree equipment, and combined with our professional skill and world class machinery to produce products that meet API standard you count on us for wellhead solutions.

CNC Industries is globally recognized as a manufacturer to the oil & gas industries. CNC can include threading for Rotary Shouldered Connections in our capabilities.

OEM Turnkey Manufacturing


CNC Industries is a prominent manufacturer of OEM components for the Mining, Construction, and Earthmoving industries and equipment. Our broad range of CNC and conventional machinery, paired with our 30 years of experience, provides us the ability to complete projects of any size, from simple to complex. Turnkey manufacturing requires an extreme attention to detail, and CNC is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of work throughout the entire process. From procurement of raw material to machining and third party services, every detail in each step of the process is handled with the utmost precision and care. With CNC handling your manufacturing needs, you can ensure you’ll receive the quality of product you deserve.

Induction Hardening


CNC Industries has the capability to harden and stress relieve some of the largest parts in Western Canada with the equipment we have. With case depths unsurpassed by our competitors and sizes too large for others, CNC can induction harden lengths up to 120’’ and 20’’ outer diameters conventional with over 48’’ unconventional. Our case depths hit 1/4’’-7/8” and our custom coils allow for hardening on unconventional surfaces. Many completed parts arrive to CNC finished and require additional hardening to achieve maximum strength and performance. Rest assured CNC will take your finished product and bring it to new scales of hardness while maintaining the integrity of machining that has already taken place.

Welding / Fabrication

CNC Industries is capable of completing fabrication jobs consisting of welding assemblies, waterjet cutting, machining or any combination of those tasks. Large welding bays and experienced staff can complete a diverse project range from many industries not limited to the Oil and Gas or Mining sectors that CNC is known for. With CNC engineering, design, and production staff working seamlessly we can bring your sketch to reality on all welding and fabrication needs.

Specialty Coatings / Process

Working closely with our industry partners, CNC Industries can address all your coating needs. Whether we are capable of handling them in-house or through outsourcing, we can accomplish a solution that fits your requirements. CNC can offer phosphating, hvof, hardfacing, hard chrome, nickel chrome, laser cladding, xylan, and many world class solutions to suit your needs. Our coating options serve many purposes such as increased lubricity, increased wear properties, or corrosion resistance so if the added performance gained through these coatings is of interest then please contact CNC to discuss the options.