Our Facilities

CNC Industries is based out of Edmonton Canada where you will find our headquarters, and aiming to service our global clients more effectively, CNC also owns and operates an advanced manufacturing facility in Asia. With the rapid growth we are experiencing CNC is currently in production of a facility which will serve as new headquarters based in South Edmonton.



CNC Industries will be moving into a 80,000+ sq ft facility in South Edmonton with plans well underway. With a focus on lean design and efficiency the new shop and office space will be world class and help push us into new standards of excellence for all new and existing customers. This modern space will mean increased capacity and shorter lead times for our customers.



CNC owns and operates an advanced manufacturing facility in Asia with skilled staff, veteran production manager, and state of the art equipment. This allows us the ability to maintain our standard of product excellence, while managing the needs of the current global economy. Our overseas shop can handle projects of any scope and with mill run material in stock sourced from North America, this CNC location is equipped for quality volume orders with globally competitive pricing.