• Titan Pin


    CNC pioneered hard surfaced pins in 1994 and developed our proprietary CNC-007 hard-surfacing compound. Our formula combined with a superior knowledge of metallurgy came together to form CNC’s Titan Pin which has become the industry standard for longevity and durability in the field.

  • Oil and Gas Components


    As a leader in the oil and gas manufacturing industry, CNC has built a reputation on quality workmanship. CNC Industries can service any general oil and gas products. This quality is not only found in the custom work we do but also in the brand name products we produce. In an industry as imperative as oil and gas, quality is not just important, it’s vital. CNC Industries holds the API Spec Q1 certification specifying requirements for such things as performance, design and more.

  • PRODUCT_133-1


    Our original forged steel bushings have already proven to outlast any cast, centrifugally cast, or combination of either which have been hardened by other processes in field tests. In addition to our CNC Titan Pin, CNC created a new line of Titan Forged Manganese Bushings which are work hardened in the bores as high as 50 HRC prior to any actual work hardening in the field.

Welcome to CNC Industries

CNC Industries Ltd. was founded in 1985 in Fort McMurray, Canada which is home to the world renowned Alberta Tar Sand Oilfields. CNC became a prominent supplier to Large Oil Sands Producers for heavy equipment parts, specialized parts used in the oil extraction process, high production machining and general machining. CNC Industries Ltd. currently operates in three product divisions: CNC Mining and Earth Moving Parts, CNC Custom and Oilfield Manufacturing, and CNC Induction Hardening. Through a system of continual growth, improvement, and a positive attitude towards our work; CNC strives to create a superior product to global standards.